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What I Learned In 2017 (Besides Twerking In A Handstand)

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Up until the moment of writing this, I haven't sat down to truly reflect on 2017.

Since I took a leap of faith in February, I've been in "Go" mode--putting 100% towards opportunities that made sense rather than taking the proper time to pat myself on the back for the successes and overcoming challenges. Literally, while writing this I had to look through my iCloud for images and videos to remember what happened this year. *Makes mental note to reflect on more moments in 2018*

As I look back on the past twelve months, I overwhelmingly feel I've maximized my time. Granted, not every day was productive nor was every day filled with smiles--but I'm proud of myself. My most satisfying achievement is my mental and emotional growth. 

I learned to give myself a chance. I learned to believe that I could start my own business at the age of 22; that I could approach people and start a conversation more often than I ever had; that I could have a social life in Connecticut; that I could be alright after a complicated heartbreak; that I could twerk in a handstand (ok, I can't do this but you'll come to find my random thoughts will show up here)... ultimately, I COULD. I DID. and I discovered that I CAN--and that's a 2017 lesson I'll take with me for the rest of my life. 

At the top of this year, I worked at a public relations agency in New York. I was excited about graduating college. I felt pretty confident about finding a job post graduation; and I was mending a broken heart and perplexed mind... however, and more noteworthy than the rest, I was comfortable. 

Now, my career path jumped forward a few years and I'm a self-employed entrepreneur--something I didn't expect until my late 20s. I'm a Uconn alum. I'm learning how to be more confident as a boss (which I think is significantly different from being confident when working for someone else); and my wittle ol' heart and overthinking mind is in a better place. I'm uncomfortable. BUT I feel fulfilled and excited about my future. 

In 2018, I hope my "I CAN" attitude becomes stronger. I desire to have more productive days opposed to busy ones. I want to make at least 60,000 thousand dollars. I have a new video series that I want to shoot (that's been on my mind for years). I have a project with my family. I want to be courted and asked out on, at least, one date (Jesus... lettuce pray). I want to continue walking towards all senses of the word...and I WILL. 

Thank you to the vintage spirits who have rocked with me this far; and thank you to the new, supportive souls who I've connected with this year. Thank you all for your uplifting words. For referencing my work to your peers. For making a sista feel good about where she's headed. For checking me when I need to be checked. For putting me on. For showing me love. For giving me a chance.

The future is unpredictable but oh, so bright. I look forward to walking into my next chapter with a bomb ass persona that combines Diddy's hustle, Beyoncé 's class and Cardi B's unwavering YOLO sass and spirit.

Cheers to 2018! #ProsperOn


May | Working as the Director of Marketing and PR of Brown Women in Media (BWIM). We had the opportunity to provide social media services for the 2017 National Action Network Convention. Pictures taken with MC Lyte, Mara Schiavocampo, June Ambrose, Angela Rye, Jesse Jackson and BWIM founder, Makeba Green.

May - June | I graduated and my lovely mom rewarded me with a trip to the Bahamas.

August-September | My company planned an album listening party--our first event, ever--for one of our clients. To help spread the word, we sent VIP boxes to influencers throughout the tri-state area who shared their packages on social media. Shoutout to everyone who showed love for this event. Meant so much!

September - October | My company received our first print, online and broadcast media hits for our clients. Below are a few.

December | My family and I went on a 6-day Royal Caribbean cruise. I spoke on a panel curated by a NAACP chapter at Rutgers University (my adrenaline was going, folks; and I'll admit I was a bit intimidated by the other panelists...but the ladyboss confidence is on a perpetual path of growth!). I met up with cool, dope ladies from an empowering group chat and we partied with Scottie Beam. I also met my BRVC interns for the first time!


I have more tips, stories, and craziness to share about my journey.

Click here to stay connected.

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So lucky to have met you in 2017. your spirit, your drive everything about you is such an inspiration.

this was such a good read & it’s so relatable. I really don’t recall just thinking about little moments. we will do better 2018.

Keep it up girl! you’re doing great.

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