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The Millennial Goal Digger

Brianna Régine is ​a ​brand strategist & publicist, blogger and millennial goal digger who empowers others to execute their ideas and blossom into their fullest potential. 


As the Founder o​f ​Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting, LLC (BRVC)​--a full-service, boutique agency​, Brianna increases the exposure of entertainment, lifestyle and beauty brands through brand development, digital marketing, event coordination, and public relations support. Since February of 2017, BRVC has collaborated with its clients to produce recognition from national as well as international print, broadcast and digital publications​ such as, V103, and the Hartford Courant​. Additionally, BRVC has built the credibility and visibility of their clients by nurturing relationships with various brand partners ​and influential players from platforms such as: Audiomack, Martell Cognac, BET,  InStyle Magazine, Tycoon Music Festival, Alikay Naturals, Thrive Causemetics, Curls and more. 

Additionally, in December of 2017, Brianna launched her ​website—— which ​reflects her larger life goal to encourage others to find and use their ever-evolving voice. The website ​serves as the home base for millennials of color to receive transparent insight and understanding about entrepreneurship, adulting​, ​social issues and themselves!​ Brianna enjoys fulfilling her purpose by connecting with others through workshops and speaking opportunities for platforms such as: "Power Hours" at Rutgers University, moderating CT Office of The Arts' READI Talks series featuring a National Director at Sony Music, and moderating a panel featuring playmakers from Obama's White House, Instyle Magazine and Sirius XM. 

Brianna is dedicated to creating an authentic and long-lasting legacy that supports the growth and execution of innovative visions.



Brianna is a proud alumna of the University of Connecticut 's Class of 2017, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.

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