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Hey Beautiful Spirit 

I'm Brianna Régine and I am a goal-digging entrepreneur, brand strategist, publicist, and blogger that empowers millennials of color to use their voice and find their purpose.


so...what do you have to offer me?

That's a fair question. 

I created to be a welcoming space for us twenty-somethings to talk about the many layers that exist in entrepreneurship, adulting and social issues. 


Because, have you seen what's happening in this world lately?!

And doesn't it seem like everyone on your timeline has a "successful" brand, yet you struggle on what to do next?! 

Oh, and let's not forget this whole "social life" we're supposed to have! #SendHelp


I believe that life is more enjoyable when you become more confident in your natural magic, possessed knowledge, and purpose (we all have one!) I also believe using our voices to share experiences--the funny and the devastating--improves understanding of self and others.

And WE ALL need understanding in order to move through this crazy thing called life. 

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what's happening right now?!

Knowlege is power, which is why one of our main goals at Brianna Régine

is to produce content that shares valuable information.

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