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Hey Beautiful Spirit! 

I'm Brianna Régine and I am a goal-digging entrepreneur, brand strategist, publicist and business manager that empowers millennials of color to use their voice and find their purpose.

Brand's I've Worked With:

So...What Do I Have To Offer You?


That's a fair question. 

I created for you to learn more about moi but more importantly to be a hub for us twenty-somethings to explore the layers that exist in entrepreneurship, adulting and social issues. 


Because, have you seen what's happening in this world lately?!

And doesn't it seem like everyone on your timeline is "successful", yet you struggle with what to do next?! 

Oh, and let's not forget this whole "social life" we're "supposed" to have! #SendHelp


I believe that life is more enjoyable when you become more confident in your natural magic, possessed knowledge, and purpose (we all have one!) I also believe using our voices to share experiences--the funny and the devastating--improves understanding of self and others.

And WE ALL need understanding in order to move through this

crazy thing called life. 

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Building A Brand Of Longevity Involves:

Brand Development 

Digital Marketing

Public Relations

Event Coordination

Operations/Business Management

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I'm Your Ideal Team Player...I've worked with 40+ start-ups, small businesses, public figures and corporate entities. Are you next?

Let's Get To Work!

Get Enlightened!

Knowledge is power - don't let anyone tell you any different!

 I hope the info inspires you to approach your personal growth, creative ideas, and adulting journey--with a determination to live intentionally, honestly & as a damn good person! (Because that's what you are!)

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Dropping Gems on

IG & FB Live


Every now and then I go on Instagram and Facebook Live to talk about biz, adulting hacks & random chit-chats. 


The Brand Unveiled


A podcast that unwraps the "glitter and gold" of business ownership. Listen for insight from business owners behind entertainment, lifestyle and beauty brands!

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Women of color

have so much power!

Pour Into My Cup is my way of EMPOWERING US to use it!

On The 'Gram!

Student loans? - $300 per month.

Rent? - $1700 per month.

Netflix Subscription - $9 per month. 

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And don't worry, I won't overwhelm your inbox :)

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